The Urology Hospital acquires the First Robotic Surgery System in the Country!

The Urology Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa, a leading urology treatment center, announced today that it has acquired the first robotic surgery system in Southern Africa from Earth Medical, a subsidiary of Litha Healthcare Group Limited.


The revolutionary da Vinci Surgery® Robotic System from Intuitive Surgical® in the US will provide a safer and more stable environment for minimally invasive surgery as well as a professional skills training simulator application. The Urology Hospital prides itself with the latest technology and skills, and the new robotic system will further enhance this by providing surgical assistance in complex cases, ensuring a more efficient surgical outcome and thus significantly reduce a patient’s hospital stay and recovery time.


Mr Sarel van der Walt, Managing Director of The Urology Hospital comments: “This is an exciting development for the hospital. We have been in discussions with Earth Medical for a number of months and we believe we have been through a thorough process regarding the suitability of this cutting edge technology for our treatment centre. We are very confident that this system will be a welcome asset to our surgical hospital environment and will provide us with the necessary expertise to offer patients optimal surgical outcomes.”


“By bringing first world technology to our hospital, we will also be providing more opportunities for skills development as well as a cost effective healthcare solution for patients.”


The da Vinci Surgery® Robotic system is operated by a surgeon but through an intuitive robotic device. It is being used by many surgeons worldwide for prostatectomies and other surgical procedures. It is a minimally invasive approach, using the latest in surgical and robotic technologies and is ideal for both complex and delicate surgeries such as a prostatectomy, where the target site is not only tightly confined but also surrounded by nerves affecting urinary control and sexual function.


This robotic system offers patients, who are scheduled to go for urology-related surgery, many potential benefits other than what traditional open surgery can offer. Some of these benefits include significantly less amounts of pain and blood loss, fewer complications, shorter hospital stay and faster return to normal daily activities.


Furthermore, the robotic surgery system will provide doctors with access to open surgery skills training facilities for minimally invasive surgery and they will benefit enormously from the training simulator as it is able to monitor and score performance providing valuable feedback.
Speaking on behalf of Earth Medical, Thomas Dunbar, Managing Director continues. “We are extremely delighted to have The Urology Hospital as our first client and we are confident that this is going to be a giant leap ahead for minimally invasive surgery in this country. The Da Vinci Surgery® Robotic system is the best of its kind in the world and Intuitive Surgical® is a company that is at the forefront of robotic surgery technology. We are going to be working closely with The Urology Hospital to ensure they maximise the benefits of this technology.”


The da Vinci Surgery® robotic system will be operational for surgery in October 2013 at The Urology Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa.