Social Responsibility Projects
Urolocare – The Urology Hospital

Being the only specialist urology hospital on the continent for the last 17 years, The Urology Hospital strives to be ‘Outstanding due to Excellence’. Seventeen of the top urologists in the country, whose medical expertise and reputation precede them, have their Medical Practices based at the hospital.


In 1996, at a time when major advancements in urological equipment was taking place, a group of ten entrepreneurs in the Urology field, teamed together to establish a single-discipline independent private urological hospital.


The Urology Hospital uses highly specialised technology and equipment in treatment procedures. Commonly known surgical procedures such as prostatectomies, vasectomies and circumcisions are dealt with on a regular basis.


Academic Excellence and Training
The hospital works closely with The Department of Urology at the University of Pretoria’s Medical School to ensure the highest standard of trained staff at all times.


The hospital hosts a number of workshops throughout the year including a nursing workshop in support of National Nurses Day on 9 May 2013. Nurses will also be able to receive CPD points for attending and this is an annual event.


The Urology Hospital also works together with the Urology Society in presenting workshops for urologists at the Hospital.


It is clear that The Urology Hospital has grown to become a national asset and a factor beyond the greater Pretoria area.