What our patients are saying about us

Hi I want to say thank you for everyone in the hospital. They are kind, helpful and so very friendly. I have never been to a hospital with so many friendly and helpful people. I forget to say how I loved the food. I am vegetarian and they made such nice meals for me. I was in the day ward and had to sleep over, then was moved to next night to the next ward where I spent the 2ND night. I only can remember (Granny and Mickys names) Sorry for the Afrikaans: Vandat ons ingestap het by ontvang tot ek ontslaan was, was dit regtig die vriendelikste en behulpsaamste en skoonste hospitaal. Mens voel bang in vreemde plekke en jul diens was die beste ooit. Ek moet ook byvoeg dat die sisters en verpleegsters se klere en make up en oorbelle ook my oog gevang het. Dit lyk of hul elke oggend spesiaal aangetrek was om mooi te lyk. Al was hul moeg na die lang dag was daar ‘n vriendelike gesiggie.
22 May 2019
A huge compliment to your hospital and to all the theatre and nursing staff as I was very well taken care of and received unbelievable attention for which I thank everyone there. I do think that recognition is necessary as I was in a lot of pain and everyone went out of their way to make me comfortable throughout the admission and especially during the night. Much appreciated.
Sean Lurie
10 May 2019
Dear Urology Hospital, On behalf of my mom and the rest of our family and friends, we would like to sincerely say thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for the exceptional service and treatment that my mom received from the hospital, Doctors and staff! Brining my mom to the Hospital was the best decision that we as a family could have made, as she received the best treatment imaginable, even from the minute we arrived there, we knew that she was in good hands. The manner in which my mom received treatment was at an exceptional standard and for that we are very grateful and honoured. I would also like to thank Dr van der Merwe, Dr Roche and Sister Hilda for showing kindness and compassion towards my mom. Many blessings to you ALL!!!
Twanette Wiesner
04 April 2019
I would like to thank you so much for your kindness and personal care, alongside with your fellow staff members at the urology Hospital in Hatfield. Considering that yesterday I wasn't feeling well, I'm taking things one day at a time now and as you rightfully said: things will work out in the end. I will eventually make the time to pay you a visit and speak in person. Thank you so much for everything. It is highly appreciated.
Lazola Pambo
26 March 2019
This letter is inspired by a grateful patient, who wishes to extend a humble word of thanks for the great service experienced at the Pretoria Urology Unit. I was admitted to Ward B, the second floor, on 23 March 2019. From the moment of my admittance I realised that I was under professional care and receiving truly expert treatment. My operation was a success and I am confident that I will make a full and complete recovery. Please extend my sincere gratitude to the relevant nursing staff doctors and specialists who treated me during my stay. Throughout my admittance I was regularly updated on my operation and was kept abreast of all developments. This letter, is simply a small token of my appreciation. Continue with the great and honourable task of serving the people. I will always remain grateful.
Bridgitte Zaman
25 March 2019
Herewith I would like to thank all the staff in ward B, Radiology department as well as Dr Ligthelm and his staff and the people from the theatre for the professional and quick way that they assisted me on 2019/02/15 with my kidney stone that I was admitted for. They assisted me very quickly and in a professional manner and to saw to it that I was assisted very quickly and they made the pain more bearable. Please convey my thanks to everybody. Unfortunately I don’t have names as I was in a lot of pain.
Mr A.C Holtzhausen
18 February 2019
Today 10 years ago, on the age of 19 my future was unsure yet hopeful. 10 Years ago today I received a tremendous kidney bypass operation and today I am healthy and have so many to be thankful for. Dr Jos Strydom walked a journey with me that included 3 times of kidney stones; stents and bladder infections after he realized there was something more serious medically. My son is three, I have a family and I am healthy with one kidney. Thank you for making an impact on my life which we take for granted more often. Have a blessed week Dr. Jos Strydom and may you; as well as the hospital change many lives to come for the better.
Bonita Van Rooyen
13 November 2018
On Thursday 24th of August 2017 I was at the Urodynamic& Incontinence Unit for a UDS which Dr F Duvenage ordered. This email just serves to compliment both Emely Nakana and Sister Baatseba Mashela for their great service and for making this rather horrible experience (my first and hopefully last) a little better. Both ladies were so friendly and helpful. Emely dealt with my “admission” quickly and efficiently, always welcome when people know what they doing, even if it is sort of routine work, things can still go wrong and some people get even that wrong. Sr Masehla who did the UDS was so professional. I mean let’s face it, this is a rather invasive and “personal” kind of test/study which is I am sure not so many guys’ top ten to do list, but it had to be done. She was so friendly, and really dealt with the whole procedure in such a professional and sensitive way. She also took the time to explain to me the whole procedure as we went through the different stages. For this I am very grateful. I wanted to send this email because I know how easily it is for anyone to take some time out to complain, but we hesitate to set aside that same time to say thank you. Please pass on my sincere appreciation to both ladies and please make sure that they get the much deserved acknowledgement and commendation for the way they treated me as a patient. The results of the USD were not so great so I will be back at the hospital in November for an operation. Date to be confirmed still.
Douw Prinsloo
03 September 2017
My father Eddie McCabe spend his last week or so with you guys at the urology hospital. He was ravaged with cancer and had his kidney removed, so it was not a happy or comfortable time for him or our family. He was transferred from you to the Pretoria Sungardens Hospice on the 17th of November and he passed peacefully and painlessly just over 24 hours later in the evening of the 18th November. I would like to thank the doctors who tried to do whatever they could for Dad, Dr Roux and Dr Potgieter. I would also like to thank the staff of the ICU unit. There were too many individuals to mention. A great unit professionally run by caring professional people. And a very special thanks to Sister Nelson who looked after my dad his last few weeks in ward GK I think it was a true “old school” professional. You are a credit to your profession. Please return that my thanks are received by relevant people?
Iain McCabe
30 November 2016
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marthie and Belinda from ward 1B for the exceptional service during my mom in law’s (Mrs S. Schooling) stay at your hospital. They were gentle, caring, patient and most of all loving. We waited for an ambulance to transfer her on Friday and they arranged everything with the case manager and kept us in the loop the entire time while we were waiting. They really are an asset to the Urology Hospital and you can see through their behaviour that this is not just a job, but a calling and a passion!
Monique Frenkel
21 August 2017
My father Johann van Heerden, was admitted in hospital on Friday the 5th of August for the 3rd time in 2 months and I just want to thank the team at the Urology Hospital that was looking after him. I also work long hours and shifts and I know how difficult it can be and therefore we appreciate the team’s effort even more. In particular I want to thank Sharleen at admission for her friendliness and quick service, Sharleen jy is op die ball!! Sister Gail, Caroline, Mary Jane and Dikeledi that was working on floor 3, you guys rock!! If you only know how emotional my dad is and you made him feel comfortable and cared for. What a great job you guys are doing!!! I honestly hope that you pass this message on to them. And I will make an effort to find out if feedback was given to them.
Lisa van Heerden
08 August 2016
Good day. Would just like to compliment Pretoria Urology hospital on amazing nursing staff. This experience has restored my belief in the South African Medical system. Hats off to a great team.
Paul Calvert
24 June 2016
I would like to thank you and your staff for the extremely efficient nursing care I had while in your Hospital recently. Dr Bongers a TURP on me on May 16 and I was cared for by your staff until the 21st (including a day in ICU). The level of their care and their professional ability impressed me enormously. I was able to make a direct comparison with another Pretoria hospital where, a few years ago I had a major procedure done. Your staff was infinitely better and more caring than the other. I have been in a senior position of several companies and I know only too well that staff performance is a direct reflection of high standards laid by management. So my congratulations to you and your management colleagues who run an excellent hospital with staff that are efficient, helpful and pleasant. In particular I’d like to mention Violet, Adelaide and especially the A team on night duty (Agnes, Anna and AnnaMarrie). They were wonderful thank you. Thank you
Vic Hanna
01 June 2016
My onlangse ervaring met die totale betrokkenheid van die Urologie hosp, het my opinie van mediese sorg in SA versterk. Ek vertou dat hierdie skrywe al die raakvlakke sal bereik? Ek lig puntsegewys my waardering uit: 1.EK is 18 mde gelede met prostaatkanker gediagnoseer. My onmiddelike reaksie was dat ek nie enige oprasie sou neem nie. Ek is baie gesondheidsbewus en het dadelik oorgesakakel na ‘n hoër rat tov voedselinnames: natuurlike stimulante; groentesappe en vitamines. Dit alles het groot verligting gebring en kon ek baie funksioneel met my lewe en sport voortgaan. Terwyl ek nie onverskillig staan teenoor gevarlike siektes en potensiële newe effekte nie, het ek laaste jaar op kwaartaallikse basis dr. Sias Voss gespreek. Teen maart 2016 was dr Voss gemaklik met al die tekens en toetse. Ons het nogtans saam besluit dat prostaatektomie die uitindelike finale oplossing sou wees. Dr Voss het die nuwe generasie Robot opersasie tegniek aanbeveel en verduidelik. Terwyl Dr Voss self ‘n baie professionaele en bekwame uroloog is, het hy sonder versuim aanbeveel dat hy my na Dr Dirk Lighthelm verwys, wie op hierdie stadium in SA die kundige “Robot operateur” is. My vorige siening en en onsekerheid dat drs in baie gevalle operasies uitvoer vir die finansiële wins daarvan, en dalk nie die erns van die kwaal nie, is deur hierdie onbaatsigtige optrede van Dr Voss geneutraliseer. Ek respekteer en waardeer jou optrede Dr Voss! 2.Na een baie professionale afspraak met Dr Lighthelm, is besluit dat die prosedure om 07H00 op 5 Mei 2016 gedoen sou word. Om 06h00 op 5 mei rapporteur ek en my vrou by Pta Urologie hosp. Daar is net een dame om admin af te handel. Sy weet presies wat om te doen. Sy is vriendelik (05h00) en vertoon iemand wat haar werk tot oorlopens geniet. Well done Urologie hosp admin! 3.Voorbereiding vir die prosedure, asook “bottels vol bloed” word getrek, alles met groot erns en bekwaamheid. Die narkotiseur, Dr McDonald stap in en doen volledige ondersoek en navraag. Well done, Dr McDonald! Jou optrede voor die prosedure, asook jou verduideliking in die teater, wat presies jy gaan doen, was volledig en professioneel. 4.Die prosedure is 4 ure later afgehandel en bevind ek my in die hoë sorg saal. Elke stukkie suster wat daar is, weet wat om te doen om ‘n pasiënt in pyn, gemaklik te maak. Deur die dag en nag is daar intense balangstelling deur alle betrokkenis in die pasiënt se welstand. Toe my hart bietjie vinning klop, waarskynlik sommer spoggerigheid, is Dr Lighthelm personnlik daar om aandag en raad te gee. Deur die nag is daar deurentyd twee suster teenwoordig. As jy roer is hulle by om welstand te bevestig. 5. Oggend van 6 Junie is Anneke, die fisioterapeut daar. Sy is vriendlik met elke pasiënt, terwyl sy longe los klop. Sy motiveer elke pasiënt met aanprysing. 6. Ek word oorgeplaas na saal G. Deurlopende aandag en besorgheid gaan voort. 7.Oggend 7 Junie kom Dr Ligtheim besoek en beveel aan dat ek ontslaan word. 8.Op 11 Junie doen ek opvolg besoek aan Dr Ligtheim. X-strale wys die hegting van die urinebuis aan die blaas is waterdig. X-straal dame bevestig dat dit nie vanselfsprekend is dat hegting dig is nie. Heelwat pasiënte moet langer loop met die kateter, sodat die hegting meer tyd kry. Op die 12de dag na die operasie is ek terug op kantoor. Ek voel gemaklik en maak steeds elke dag goeie vordering. Ek spreek graag hiermee my opregte dank uit aan die bestuur, asook elke personeellid, admin en medici, van Pretoria Urologie Hospitaal, vir uiters professionale diens wat julle lewer.
Tienie Myburgh
20 May 2016
HOSPITALIZATION: I underwent a robotic assisted prostatectomy, performed by Dr Kusche on 30 November 2015. Of the 4 nights that I spent in the hospital, the first was in ICU. It is now time to say thank you. ADMINISTRATION: The preparations, driven by both the hospital and Dr Kuche’s office, were done well. I was always kept informed of where the process was and what my responsibilities were. Everything were in place when I arrived at the hospital. The admission went without a hitch. NURSING STAFF: I am saddened that I cannot give individual feedback of the staff who were exceptional, as I did not take note of their names specifically. I was impressed with the level of knowledge/training and professionalism. More impressive was the ability to identify, interpret and analysis of human interactions to identify issues and to negate problems before they escalated. The interactions between doctors and staff member were professional and with mutual respect. FACILITIES: The rooms that I was in, were always clean enough. All technical support was available and in working order when needed. We want to thank that a possible life changing procedure was made easier by your facility and the people in it. You have reason to be proud of your facility.
Hendre and Zelna Botes
03 February 2016